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Why Greece



  • It is a unique country with amazing natural beauty and many different islands where you can travel during all years of your life

  • It has a magnificent favorable climate with low humidity, plenty of sunshine, mild winters and pleasant summers

  • The hospitality and friendliness of Greeks are in their blood, and they with great sympathy and love belong to Russian people

  • There are 16,000 km of beautiful coastline and thousands of crystal-clear beaches

  • Nature has a unique variety and lots of amazing landscapes

  • Greek cuisine with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, fish and seafood is the most healthy and delicious in the world

  • The entire country is a great open-air museum with unique historical, archaeological and cultural monuments

  • Property prices are low, and there are interesting proposals for profitable investments

  • There is a lower cost of living as compared with other European contries

  • Safety of life and one of the lowest crime levels worldwide

  • There is a well-developed modern infrastructure all over Greece - seaports, airports and excellent highways

  • There are direct international flights to many countries of the world

  • Greece has  the advanced and high-quality health care

  • Non-European Union citizens when purchasing property from 250,000 euros has a possibility to obtain a residence permit